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Feature-Based Parallel Processing Acoustic Emission System

Although this product is now replaced with fully Digital Waveform DiSP Systems, we will continue to support existing SPARTAN customers for repairs, upgrades and calibration.  Upgrade your software to PACwin™ Software Suite. Spartan 2000

SPARTAN 2000 - Source Position and Real Time Analysis - Advanced AE Instrumentation for Dependable Results

To meet today's high demand for reliable, multi-channel data analysis which is required in acoustic emission (AE) applications, Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) presents the SPARTAN 2000TM (Source Position and Real Time Analysis). For AE applications that call for multiple, independent channels, the SPARTAN system provides high speed parallel processing AE feature extraction and real time analysis. Delivering absolutely dependable results, this system performs exceptionally in all test environments.

The SPARTAN 2000 represents PAC's 4th generation of industry-hardened instruments with a 15-year winning track record, proven in harsh industrial testing environments throughout the world. Capable of handling more than 100 channels of AE, this system embraces the state-of-the-art in multi-channel acoustic emission technology by combining this multi-channel capability with optional digital transient recorders into one hybrid system. This system is also ideal for knowledge-based and AE code-based systems.

Designed for AE testing environments, such as field testing of vessels or aircraft and where 1, 2 or 14 channels is not enough, the SPARTAN 2000 provides a user-friendly venue to detect and locate structural flaws in a wide variety of materials. Today, the overwhelming majority of field tests are performed with SPARTAN systems.
Typical AE Applications

    Advanced materials
    Bridge testing
    Stress corrosion cracking
    Transformers (partial discharge)
    Nuclear vessels
    Hydrogen embrittlement
    Tube trailers
    Aging aircraft
    Rocket motor
    Vessels-ambient, hot or cryogenic (metallic and FRP - most applications done in-service.)


    Feature Based ICC - offers complete, 2-channel AE signal processing and feature extraction on a single card
    TRA-212 Based Digital Waveform Controller - is a 2-channel digital waveform acquisition board for the SPARTAN 2000. Digitally recording waveforms at up to 1024 hits on each channel, the TRA-212 samples at rates of up to 10 million samples per second (10MSPS). This allow accurate recording of AE signals with frequency components up to 1 MHz. Along with the waveform data from each hit, this instrument records pre- and post-trigger and time-of-hit information.


    Digital AE with optional TRA-212
    >100 Channel Capability
    Built-in Automatic Sensor Testing
    New Parametric Sensor Options including: wind speed, force, pressure, temperature
    500 MHz (or faster) CPU board, Notebook interface available (including PCMCIA)
    VGA Video
    Optional Intrinsically Safe (IS) Sensors and Preamplifiers


    PAC Win ScreenshotPACwin™ Software Suite
    32-bit high speed
    3-dimensional graphs
        Can be rotated or display a "top view"
        Types include point plots with colored pixels related to value, bar graphs or line graphs
        Color-coded 2-D graphs
        In point plots, colors are used to show activity levels or identify channel numbers
        Up to 6 channels can be plotted on one graph, each in a different, user-defined color

    Acquisition and replay graph screens
        Any number of graphs can be displayed from 1 to 12 per screen
        2 text lines at the top and bottom of each graph screen provide information status, statistics and help functions
    Full mouse functionality
    Graphical filtering
    Parametic graphing capability
    Optional - arbitrary sensor placement for location
    Optional location: linear, rectangular, dual rectangular, F-placement, 3-dimensional, triangular, planar, clustering


    SPARTAN Upgrade - Upgrades are available to upgrade an older SPARTAN 3000 to a SPARTAN utilizing a current PC and the latest graphically-enhanced SPARTAN 2000 software.
    LOCAN AT Upgrade - A LOCAN AT upgrade is available to overcome the 20 MByte limit of existing LOCAN's and connect them to a PC base with enhanced graphing and data acquisition software with all the features and options of the SPARTAN 2000.