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NDT Equipment and Accesories
Measuring and Testing Instruments



The PCI/DSP-4 board is the heart of the DiSP System. Due to advances in surface mount technology and high density ASIC devices, we have been able to provide this single PCI card with 4 complete high-speed, channels of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based AE data acquisition, up to 8 parametric input channels (on the first card) and optional waveform module. Through the high performance PCI bus, significant AE data transfer speeds (up to 132 Megabytes/second) can be attained. This assures a wide bandwidth bus for multi-channel AE data acquisition and waveform processing.

Since the 32-bit PCI bus has become the de-facto standard in all PC computers today, PCI/DSP-4 boards can be implemented inside your PC or inside one of PACs rugged, multichannel DiSP workstations.



  • Advanced parallel DSP acoustic emission technology with high-speed PCI cards

  • Proven knowledge-based software and state-of-the-art LAN networking capabilities

  • Four 16-bit, high-speed A/D converters (no gain changes)

  • High-performance, multiple DSP technology on a single 4-channel PCI card

  • Multiple FPGA's for fast, simultaneous AE parallel 
    processing of AE features and waveforms

  • Up to 8 parametrics on the first PCI/DSP-4

  • Progressive real-time AE features in both time and frequency domains

  • Multiple software programmable filters

Make a Customized AE System:  Utilize PCI/DSP-4 Subsystems and your own PCs to build customized AE Systems. PAC provides you with Windows DLLs, LabView drivers, etc. Please contact us for more details.


Typical AE Applications for DiSP Workstations:

  • Pressure Vessel Testing, including Spheres

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks

  • Transformer Testing, including Partial Discharge

  • Tube Trailers and High Pressure Gas Cylinders Stress Corrosion Cracking and Hydrogen Embrittlement

  • Advanced Materials Testing

  • Transportation Testing (RR-Tank Cars, Bridges, Aerial Man-lift Devices)

  • Petrochemical Pipelines

  • Nuclear Components (Valves, Lift Beams, Steam Lines)

  • Composites and Aerospace Components & Structures

  • FRP (GRP) Vessels and Rocket Motor cases

  • Weld Monitoring (Real or Post Time Testing)

  • Reactor and High Energy Piping (HEP) Testing in Power Plants and Refineries, including Hot Reheat Lines

DiSP Workstations: Multi-Purpose, Multichannel AE Parallel Processors

Each DiSP Workstation houses an entire acoustic emission (AE) system including a standard, powerful, integral PC computer (and peripherals such as CDROM, hard and floppy disks) and up to 56 AE channels, using our PCI/DSP-4 boards. Several different chassis are available, including sizes for 8, 16, 24 and 56 channels.


The DiSP-16BT AE Controller is based on a high-performance PC, designed for both laboratory and light industrial use and houses four (4) 4-Channel AE subsystem PCI cards (PCI/DSP-4) for a total of 16 channels of simultaneous feature/waveform based AE. The DiSP-16 is based on a heavy- duty desktop PC computer chassis with added features for reliable day-to-day operation, including extra cooling and ventilation, and incorporating the latest powerful PC computer motherboard. The PC Main AE Controller gives the user the lowest cost for a high-performance AE system. The system is certified by PAC to run AEwin, PACs latest Windows software, and includes 16 Hit LED on the front panel and an on-board Ethernet 10/100 Mbit interface. An optional, digitally controlled, high fidelity audio monitor is available. The system is 17" (43 cm) W, 17" (43 cm) D and 6" (15.2 cm) H and weighs 26 lbs. (with 16 channels) and comes complete with external Video 17" CRT monitor, keyboard and mouse. The optional "PAC AE System Viewer" software provides the ability for remote control over the company network.


Similarly, the DiSP-24 is a portable, hardened and compact AE system, equipped with a handle for carrying and an integral keyboard built within the hinged front protective cover. Weighing less than 38 lbs. (17.3 kg) with all 24 channels, the DiSP-24 is 21" (533 mm) L x 14" (356 mm) W x 7.6" (193 mm) H. Inside this small enclosure is a powerful PC computer, large hard disk, floppy drive, CD-RW drive, and the standard complement of parallel printer port, serial port, USB and mouse port. Built-in AE features include a digitally controlled high fidelity AE audio monitor, 8 parametrics and AE Hit indicator LEDs. System communications capabilities include built-in Ethernet 10/100 LAN and optional AE system expansion interface for connecting multiple DiSP Systems to one AE test. The optional "PAC AE System Viewer" software provides the ability for remote control over the company network.


The DiSP-56 AE Workstation, houses an entire acoustic emission system including up to 56-Channels (14 PCI/DSP-4 AE Subsystem boards) of simultaneous feature/waveform based AE channels, 56 Hit LEDs on the front panel, fully integrated and digitally controlled, high fidelity, AE audio monitor, powerful, integral PCI-bus based computer and all standard PC computer peripherals (such as floppy, hard disk, CD-RW drive, serial and parallel interface ports). The DiSP-56 is a heavy duty, industrial, desktop (or rack mountable) chassis with high capacity cooling and ventilation for reliable day-to-day operation. The system is 17.5" (445 mm) Wide, 10.5" (267 mm) High and 19.0" (483 mm) Deep and weighs 58 lbs. (26.5 Kg) with 56 channels. The DiSP-56 comes complete with external Video CRT monitor, keyboard and mouse. System communications capabilities include; built-in Ethernet 10/100 LAN, and optional AE system expansion interface for connecting multiple DiSPs to one AE test. The optional "PAC AE System Viewer" software provides the ability for remote control over the company network.


The DiSP-56T, "All-in-one" chassis, consists of a standard DiSP-56 rack mount chassis integrated inside a rugged transit case that also contains a flat screen LCD display, printer, keyboard, mouse and all wiring pre-connected to the DiSP-56 so that all one has to do to operate the system is to connect the AC line cord and sensors, power-up, and begin testing. Using the DiSP-56T transit case, results in lower shipping costs, excellent system protection during transportation and very fast AE test set-up times.


The DiSP-56T All-in-one transit case is a 7U, rack mountable transit case with internal shock mounts to protect the internal DiSP-56, and removable front and rear panels. 6U of the case height holds the DiSP-56 channel chassis and 1U holds a keyboard/mouse drawer. The front cover is hinged at the top and contains an integral 14" flat screen LCD, CRT monitor, with SVGA resolution. The rear panel contains a rugged bubble jet printer. Overall dimensions of the DiSP-56 Transit case is 32.3" (82 cm) Long, by 21" (53.3 cm) Wide by 15.5" (39.3 cm) High with a total system weight of 123 lbs. (56 kg) complete with DiSP and 56 channels.