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OmniScan iX UT

OmniScan iX UT

Designed for the high-speed testing of critical industrial components and also aerospace manufacturing, automobile industry, welded components, integrated inspection systems, GE DFO P3TF22, P3TF30, P3TF31, and P3TF35 qualified.

  • Component testing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Automobile industry
  • Welded components
  • Integrated inspection systems
  • GE DFO P3TF22, P3TF30, P3TF31, and P3TF35 qualified

Multichannel Ultrasonic Industrial Flaw Detector

The OmniScan® iX is an industrial ultrasonic flaw detector system designed for the high-speed testing of critical industrial components. 
The compact OmniScan iX is housed in a rugged benchtop casing and is also available in a rack-mount version or with a swivel-arm assembly for easy integration into a production system.

Designed with the Integrator in Mind

The OmniScan iX is central to your industrial component testing system. Olympus provides all the software libraries required to enable the integrator to tie in your existing process control system. 
In addition, we provide the user interface ports necessary to connect a display, keyboard, mouse, and external storage. The real-time programmable alarm and analog outputs, and the encoder outputs, enable easy integration of the mechanical and electronic components of your industrial process. 
All that is needed for rapid and efficient component testing is built-in!


  • Data storage capability (internal and external)
  • Strip chart display
  • 16 real-time alarms
  • 16 real-time analog outputs (at PRF)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • Remote control from PC
  • Multiple A-scans
  • A-scan and C-scan imaging
  • 19-in., 5U rack-mount version
  • TomoView™-compatible for data analysis only
  • Remote control functions, for custom programming
  • 2-axis mechanical encoders
  • Multiple scan modes, including helicoidal
  • Multiple channels (up to 8)
  • TCG/DAC curves
  • Interface gate for immersion testing
  • Touch screen
  • VGA output
  • Maximum PRF is equal to the PRF divided by the number of channels (up to 12 kHz)
  • USB ports for keyboard, mouse, printer, and external storage
  • Back-wall echo attenuator (available at the end of 2006)

OmniScan iX Benefits and Features

Complete Integrated Solution

  • Affordable price
  • Rugged construction for industrial environment with rack-mount option
  • Remote control functions, for custom programming from PC
  • Optional data library to access A-scan and/or C-Scan on PC, for custom processing

Software Features

Strip Chart View

  • Each channel can have unique setups for multizone inspection.
  • Surface following interface gate
  • Built-in strip chart display and data storage
  • Multiple A-scans
  • A-scan and C-scan imaging
  • TCG curves
  • Multiple scan modes, including helicoidal
  • Back-wall echo attenuator (available at the end of 2006)
  • Monitoring of amplitude, peak position, crossing-level position, and thickness on each gate
  • Automatic gate synchronizes from previous gate for higher dynamic range of thickness.
  • A-scan data storage and C-scan postprocessing capabilities
  • Interface gate for surface following synchronization of measurement gate and/or TCG/DAC curves
  • Either positive or negative gate on RF signal (independent for each gate)
  • 16 alarms completely configurable on single-gate events or multiple-gate events, filter for n occurrences from one or multiple channels
  • Customizable color palette for amplitude and thickness C-scan
  • 60 Hz A-scan refresh rate with overlays of envelope and peak inside the gate

Full-Featured C-Scan Software

Hardware Features

  • Data storage (internal and external)
  • Multichannel configuration (up to 8 channels)
  • PRF up to 12 kHz / number of channels
  • Analog and alarm output compatibility with older systems
  • 16 real-time fully programmable alarms
  • 16 real-time analog outputs (at PRF)
  • 4 digital inputs to remotely control the machine
  • 2-axis mechanical encoders (option)
  • 2-axis mechanical encoder with data acquisition synchronization on mechanical movement

Channel Configuration 
The OmniScan iX can be configured for pulse-echo, pitch-and-catch, or sequence firing.

Component Testing 
Component testing is typically performed under an assembly-line environment. The OmniScan® iX is used to accept or reject (go-no-go testing) thousands of parts a day. Multichannel instrument configurations lend themselves very well to assembly-line applications, which are aimed at detecting flaws within the various zones of a part-not just under one particular area with one transducer. 16 alarm outputs on the OmniScan iX allow the tracking of a particular zone and monitoring the zone that is giving the alarm conditions.

Engine-Disc Inspection 
Critical inspection of turbine engine discs requires a very sensitive ultrasonic flaw detector capable of detecting small defects in difficult nickel-based metals. Such instruments must be able to operate at high gains, with extremely low noise on both the A-scan display as well as the analog output. The OmniScan iX meets these very demanding requirements. Additional OmniScan iX features such as strip-chart recorder, C-scan display, and back-echo attenuator make this a very versatile instrument. The OmniScan iX can easily drop into existing, older test stations, then later transfer to a full functional station to perform on-board mapping/C-scan.

The OmniScan iXhas been qualified by GE Aircraft Engines and added to the DFO as follows:

  • P3TF22 Longitudinal Immersion Ultrasonic Inspection of Forgings to Flat Bottom Hole Sensitivities
  • P3TF30 High Sensitivity Ultrasonic Inspection of Forged Fine Grain Powder Alloy
  • P3TF31 Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection of Powder Metallurgy Extruded Bars and Billets
  • P3TF35 Side Drill Hole Ultrasonic Inspection

OmniScan iX Options

Hardware Options 
OMNI-IX-A-RACK1: OmniScan iX rackmount bracket option 
OMNI-IX-A-SWIV: OmniScan iX swivel-arm assembly 
OMNI-IX-A-SCASE: OmniScan iX hard carrying case 
OMNI-IX-A-ACC1: OmniScan iX accessory kit includes the following:

  • 1 external keyboard,
  • 1 optical mouse,

Software Options 
OMNI-IX-SO-ENC1: OmniScan iX software option to activate two encoder inputs on the instrument 
OMNI-IX-SO-BEA: OmniScan iX software option to activate back wall echo attenuator on the instrument

Standard Inclusions

  • OmniScan iX instrument
  • Ethernet® cable
  • OmniScan software
  • User's manual
  • NDT Remote Control Software Library 2.0
  • 1 storage USB key