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NDT Equipment and Accesories
Measuring and Testing Instruments

Transducers, Cables, Couplants, Calibration Test Blocks and Accessories

Olympus NDT offers a complete selection of transducers, cables, couplants, calibration test blocks, and accessories to meet a wide variety of ultrasonic precision thickness gaging applications.

The Panametrics-NDT Microscan transducers are frequently used with the Series 25 and Series 35 thickness gages, as well as other commercially available thickness gages, flaw detectors and ultrasonic instrumentation.

Microscan transducer part numbers reflect the connector designation:
RM = Right Angle Microdot ®,
SM = Straight Microdot,
RB = Right Angle BNC,
SB = Straight BNC,
SU = Straight UHF

When selecting a transducer, please review the chart below or consult the Transducer Frequency Range in the Instruction Manual that was shipped with your gage.


Thickness Gage Model Transducer Frequency Range
35, 35DL
25, 25DL
2.0 to 30 MHz
35HP, 35DL-HP
0.5 to 5.0 MHz

Contact Transducers

One of the advantages of a Panametrics-NDT Microscan contact transducer is its versatility; a single transducer can cover a broad thickness range in many engineering materials. Contact transducers are constructed with the unique WC-5 wearplate for greater durability and a longer life.


Part Number
0.5 1 25 M101-SB
1 1 25 M102-SB
1 0.5 13 M103-SB
2.25 0.5 13 M106-RM, M106-SM
2.25 0.5 13 M1036*
5 0.5 13 M109-RM, M109-SM
5 0.25 6 M110-RM , M110-SM
10 0.25 6 M112-RM, M112-SM
10 0.125 3 M1016-RM
20 0.125 3 M116-RM, M116-SM
20 0.125 3 M116H-RM**

RM = Right Angle Microdot; SM = Straight Microdot; SB = Straight BNC
*High Penetration Transducer
**Only use with Holder, P/N 2133

SONOPEN ® Transducers

The Sonopen ® transducer has a replaceable delay line that is tapered to a small contact area. This transducer makes reliable thickness measurements in applications such as turbine blades, threads on plastic bottle necks and tight radii on plastic containers. High-temperature Sonopen delay lines are also available.


Frequency Nominal
Element Size
Part Numbers
MHz inches mm Straight
Right Angle
45 °
15 0.125 3 V260-SM V260-RM V260-45

Tip diameter
inches mm Part Number
0.08 2 DLP-3
0.06 1.5 DLP-302
0.08 2 DLP-301*
*High temperature delay for use up to 350 ° F (175 ° C)

Delay Line Transducers

Panametrics-NDT Microscan delay line transducers provide excellent performance on very thin materials, elevated temperatures or in applications that require a high degree of thickness resolution.

Part Number
0.5 1 25 M2008 -
2.25 0.5 13 M207-RB -
5 0.5 13 M206-RB -
5 0.25 6 M201-RM -
5 0.25 6 M201H-RM 2127
10 0.25 6 M202-RM, M202-SM -
10 0.25 6 M202H-RM 2127
10 0.125 3 M203-RM, M203-SM -
20 0.125 3 M208-RM, M208-SM -
20 0.125 3 M208H-RM 2133
20 0.125 3 M2055* -
30 0.25 6 V213-BC-RM* -

Replaceable Delay Lines

Standard Delay Lines
Standard delay lines are used in many applications. Special conditions such as high surface temperature, curvature of the material or hard-to-access areas may require the use of special delay lines.


Delay Line Part Number
Maximum Thickness
Measurement Limit*
Mode 2
Mode 3
Mode 2
inches mm inches mm inches mm inches mm
0.5 13 DLH-2 1.0 25 0.5 13 0.5 13
0.25 6 DLH-1 1.0 25 0.5 13 0.5 13
0.125 3 DLH-3 0.5 13 0.2 5 0.2 5

* Exact range depends on material sound velocity, transducer frequency, part geometry and surface condition.

High temperature delay lines
High temperature delay lines function as a protective buffer between the hot surface of the test piece and the transducer's crystal. At elevated temperatures, intermittent contact is recommended to protect the transducer from thermal damage.


High Temperature Delays
To 350  °F
(175  °C)
To 500  °F
(260  °C)
To 900  °F
(480  °C)
inches mm
0.5 13 DLHT-201 DLHT-2 DLHT-2G
0.25 6 DLHT-101 DLHT-1 DLHT-1G
0.125 3 DLHT-301 DLHT-3 DLHT-3G

Immersion Transducers

Panametrics-NDT Microscan immersion transducers are designed to transmit and receive ultrasound in water. Thickness measurements by immersion technique are often preferred when the test piece has a complex geometry or in online applications. Typical offline applications include wall thickness measurements on small diameter plastic or metal tubing, scanned or rotary measurements and thickness measurements on sharply curved parts. Transducer focusing may be necessary depending on the application.


Frequency Element Diameter Transducer Part Number
(MHz) inches mm
2.25 0.5 13 M306-SU
5 0.5 13 M309-SU
5 0.25 6 M310-SU
10 0.25 6 M312-SU
15 0.25 6 M313-SU
20 0.125 3 M316-SU


We offer bubblers for easy implementation of immersion testing. They act as a holder for the transducers to maintain consistent water flow from transducer to test surface, and prevent the accumulation of air bubbles on the transducer face.


Part Number Opening Water Path
Fits Transducer
Part Number
inches mm inches mm
B100 0.125 3 1.25 32 M310A-SM, M312A-SM, M316A-SM
B103* 0.35 9 0.575 14.5 M310-SU, M312-SU, M313-SU, M316-SU
B103W* 0.55 14 0.775 19.7 M306-SU, M309-SU
B103A* 0.35 9 0.575 14.5 same as B103
* The B103 has a V-notch shaped opening; the B103A and B103W are flat.

Bubbler Transducer Assembly

Handheld bubbler transducers are available in either 20 MHz (V316B) or 10 MHz (V312B). They are immersion transducers that screw onto a bubbler assembly (B120), which has a replaceable stainless steel tip and a water feed tube. They offer high resolution and easy access inspection of thin materials.

RBS-1 Immersion Tank

Panametrics-NDT RBS-1 immersion tank is designed to simplify ultrasonic thickness measurements using immersion techniques. It consists of a clear acrylic tank, a submersible pump and a transducer fixture in a single, portable unit. It is ideal for offline thickness measurements on metal, glass and plastic products such as small containers, pipe or tubing, sheets or plates or machined parts.


  • 5.5 x 12 x 8 in (140 x 305 x 200 mm)
  • 0.83 gallon (3.1 liter) capacity


  • 0 to 0.25 gallons (0 to 0.9 liters) per minute
  • 115 or 230 V, 30 Watt (voltage range 90 to 135 VAC), 50 to 60 Hz
  • Submersible (ground fault interrupter circuit recommended)


The use of couplant is almost always necessary to provide acoustic coupling between the transducer and the test piece. We offer various types of couplants to suit virtually all applications.


Part Number Description Volume Application
A2 Propylene Glycol 2 oz
(0.06 liter)
General purpose couplant for smooth surfaces. Chemically non-reactive, does not evaporate quickly. The maximum recommended temperature is 200  °F (90  °C)
1 pint
(0.47 liter)

1 quart
(0.95 liter)

1 gallon
(3.78 liter)

B2 Glycerin 2 oz
(0.06 liter)
General purpose, more viscous and has a high acoustic impedence making it the preferred couplant for rough surfaces and highly attenuating materials.
1 quart
(0.95 liter)
C2 Silicone Oil 2 oz
(0.06 liter)
General purpose, non-corrosive, does not evaporate and is insoluble in water.
D12 Gel Type 12 ounces
(0.35 liter)
Rough surfaces such as sand-cast metals and fiberglass layups. Weld inspections, overhead surfaces or vertical walls.
1 gallon
(3.78 liter)

5 gallons
(18.90 liter)

E-2 Ultratherm 2 oz
(0.06 liter)
500 to 1,000  °F (260 to 540  °C)
G-2 Medium Temp 2 oz
(0.06 liter)
0 to 600  °F (-12 to 315  °C) easy removal at high temperatures, non-toxic and biodegradable.
SWC Shear Wave 4 oz
(0.12 liter)
Normal Incidence Shear Wave, non-toxic, water soluble organic substance of very high viscosity.
HP-G PowderedCouplant Makes 1 gallon
(3.78 liter)
Bulk couplant: Customize the viscosity by adding different amounts of water. Temperature range for this couplant is 32 to 130  °F (0 to 54  °C). Can be winterized by mixing with windshield washer fluid.
HP-G-C Powdered Couplant with Corrosion Inhibitor

Calibration Test Blocks

Test blocks are necessary for the calibration of ultrasonic thickness gages and should be used to maintain and verify the accuracy, dependability and reliability of ultrasonic measurements. Blocks are held to tighter tolerances than called out in ASTM E797 code. Metric test blocks are available.


Material Steps
2211E 304 Stainless Steel .100, .200, .300, .400 and .500 in
2212E 1018 Carbon Steel .250, .500, .750, .400 and 1.00 in
2213E 7075-T6 Aluminum .100, .200, .300, .400 and .500 in
2214E 1018 Carbon Steel .100, .200, .300, .400 and .500 in
2214M 1018 Carbon Steel 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0 and 12.5 mm

Transducer Cables

Olympus-NDT offers a wide selection of transducer cables suitable for all ultrasonic thickness gaging instrumentation.

Graphic: Transducer Cables


Part Number Connectors Available Lengths
LCM-74-X Small LEMO ® 00 to Microdot ® 3 ft (0.9 m), 4 ft (1.2 m), 6 ft (1.8 m)
LCB-74-X Small LEMO ® 00 to BNC 3 ft (0.9 m), 4 ft (1.2 m), 6 ft (1.8 m)
BCM-74-X BNC to Microdot ® 3 ft (0.9 m), 4 ft (1.2 m), 6 ft (1.8 m)
LCU-74-X LEMO ® 00 to UHF 3 ft (0.9 m)



Standard cables are recommended for normal usage.  

Heavy Duty - Teflon ®

Heavy duty, Teflon ® (HD) transducer cables may provide durability and longer life.


Waterproof (W) cables are recommended in many tests with immersion transducers. These cables provide a waterproof connection good to about 30 ft (10 m) of fresh water. At greater depths, special cables are available.

Heavy Duty - Armored PVC Jacket

Heavy duty, armored PVC jacket (HDAP) transducer cables have a spiral stainless steel jacket with a solid PVC coating. Maximum length is 20 ft (7 m).  

Heavy Duty - Armored Silicone Jacket  

Heavy duty, armored super flexible silicone jacket (HDAS) transducer cables combine a spiral stainless steel jacket with a heavy silicone coating for great flexibility. Length can be specified up to 20 ft (7 m).

Heavy Duty - Stainless Steel  

Heavy duty, armored stainless steel jacket (SSA) transducer cables are recommended for heavy and industrial use provide flexibility, protection and long life.